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03 July 2020

Antoine Miche (TBS 2007) - National Survey by FEF : Today help build the ecological and supportive football of tomorrow

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Antoine Miche (TBS 2007), President of Football Écologie France,
invites you to answer a national survey on football and ecological transition 

If you are familiar with TBS Alumni and TBS Foundation, you will obviously know who Antoine is! In charge of TBS Alumni Lyon Chapter, Member of the TBS Alumni Executive Committee, Member of TBS Foundation's Review Board, but also...founder of B3D, ANEDD, REFEDD...

There is no stopping Antoine's quest for a more ecological world!

So if you share the conviction that we can act in all areas, please reply to the survey launched by Football Écologie France! (Survey in French, see below)

Today you can support this project via the Crowdfunding 
Campaign by making a donation and claim a tax reduction of up to 66%! 


Football is the most popular sport on earth 

  • 400 billion euros per annum are generated on an international level 
  • 1.12 billion television viewers for the 2018 World Cup final 
  • 15 000 clubs et 2.2 million licence holders in France 

It exercises an influence over the entire society and in every country !


The environmental and health contexts call for thought about the future 

Is 21st Century Football the popular vector of ecology and solidarity ?

This is the objective of Football Ecologie France. This association, under the French law of 1901, accompanies all the leaders and bodies in football on the subject of the ecological and supportive transition of football.

Football is significantly impacted by climate change, environmental and social evolution (heatwaves, covid-19, yellow jacket movement, etc.), and needs to be reinvented in order to continue to provide everyone with collective strong emotions. It can therefore become a major innovative player in ecological and solidarity transition.

It is for this reason that Football Ecologie France is launching a national survey from 12th May to 15th July 2020 to collect the points of view of people in France and use them towards influencing society-related issues.  

By replying to this survey today you will contribute to building the football of tomorrow. Together, we will make this sport a future leader in ecological transition !  






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