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Axel BELLUS (TBS 2023) - Dreaming bigger dreams

15 June 2021 Portraits / Podcasts

Inspired, Ambitious & Curious

My name is Axel BELLUS and I was born in Toulouse. I passed the TBS Bachelor degree in 2021 and I am not in my interim year with the Master's in Management program (graduation year 2023).
What is your involvement in TBS associations ? 
I was president of the Bachelor Arts Society, (Bureau des Arts). I am now treasurer for the Sailing Team, the association which promotes nautical sports. I used to windsurf a great deal and I'm a total fan of "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" by Jules Verne. I have always wanted to share with students groups who have the same interest in common : the appeal for water sports.
Moreover and at the same time, I am vice-treasurer for the Sports Society (Bureau des Sports : les Kangoustadors). The purpose of this association is to promote and develop sport in general in our School.
Finally, I joined the association, UNA, which promotes Asian culture. Asian culture means a great deal to me and provides the opportunity to share my perceptions and knowledge about Chinese culture that I acquired during my expatriation at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics during my Bachelor training.

What else is there to know about you ?

How would your best friend describe you ? 
My main character traits can be summed up as being my determination and ambition. It is true that I am not afraid to dream big. That doesn't change the fact that I am a faithful person and I like to help others, and learn from others. I prefer to see the positive side in everything and learn new things everyday. 
What project would you like to share with Alumni ?
I intend to use my interim year to develop my knowledge in the market finance. In my second year of the Bachelor program, I was able to specialize in this area and it has become my choice for my future career. I was fortunate enough to be selected to join the group, CACEIS, in Luxembourg. I will be starting in July for my first interim year traineeship. 
Tell us about your attraction for market finance !
My attraction towards it started out of curiosity for economics and politics today. It can be said that the economy and finance are based upon fairly complex subjects. The large number of books I read, such as "Reakonomics" by Levitt & Dubner, increased my appetite. In addition, I was lucky enough to have professors, such as Ms. Debrah Meloso, who gave me the opportunity to learn about and understand how market finance works. 
In the scope of this work-study placement, do you need any help to go further ? 
Before I started the Bachelor course, I didn't have the slighted idea what I wanted to do as a career. It was thanks to the quality of the tuition and the professors that I gradually built the framework of my project. In my first year of the Bachelor program, I discovered a whole range of subjects that I then studied in further detail during the second year. So, when I went to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, I had the option to specialize in Finance and Banking Management.
However, the fact that I loved everything to do with Finance, I wasn't quite sure which specific sector to aim at. Professor Debrah Meloso and I spent many hours talking about my professional future and she helped me work out exactly what I want to do. Thanks to the quality of the workshops and classes during the Bachelor program, it became obvious to me that the best thing to do was to continue in TBS to take a degree in Market Finance. I would like to whole-heartedly thank Ms. Bournet, Ms. Beauvois and Ms. Cenes.

What are your longterm dreams ?

What are your goals for the future and what stepping stones are you putting in place to reach your goals ? 
My ambition involves joining a company that works in trading or portfolio management. Once I have acquired the skills in financial management, in turn I will be able to invest in companies myself while sharing the vision that I will have mastered, while keeping one foot in the world of market finance. 
Ever since the Bachelor program, I have been choosing the courses in the Master's program that give me the specific skills and knowledge in Market Finance, my traineeships too. During my interim year, I will be working as Business Coordination Officer - Securities Finance & REPO within the CACEIS Group, in the Luxembourg Branch.
You know that you have access to the TBS Alumni network. How would you like the network's support ? 
I will be looking for a second interim year traineeship abroad, or a work-study placement in market finance. I would really appreciate the chance to talk to Alumni who work in this area to exchange thoughts and impressions. 
What made you choose TBS, apart from the rankings ? 
My choice was influenced by the teaching quality, the multiculturism of the students, the diversity of countries represented, the relationship between the teaching staff and the students, and also, the variety of student societies. 
If an Alumni would like to know more about you, do you accept that they get in contact with you directly ? 

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