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08 March 2021

Denis Sabardine (TBS 1996) - Facilitator for ecosystems with an impact

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Developer, Coordinator, Facilitator for ecosystems with an impact


Why did you choose to study at TBS ? Tell us about your time as a student at TBS !
I followed the Food Science Masters as I was very interested in the challenges of health-nutrition-sustainable agriculture within the context of sustainable development.

Do you have any stories from your year to share with us ? 
We did almost everything without a computer and internet did not exist at the time ! 
What is your career today ? 
After 20 years' spent in social innovation and social and solidarity-based economy (as an employee, entrepreneur an volunteer in associations), with a master's degree in economic intelligence, I would describe myself as a createur of influences for the development of people and projects that have the potential for considerable social impact. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and its capacity to change the world, for everything that involves private, public, civil and associative ecosystems but also for all new forms of organization (free societies, holacracy, sociocracy, Teal organizations). My value-add for organizations includes :
  • developing inclusive models that create sustainable value, that make sense and are resilient for the Common Good (social inclusion, «empleurability», alliances, mobilization of groups of leaders, collective intelligence)
  • facilitating and coordinating ecosystems of diverse leaders within a territorial, economic, intelligent vision
  • developing inclusive partnerships and alliances.

What advice would you give to Alumni, students and graduates, who would like to take the same path as you ? 
Follow your passions, embody their talents, make SENSE of your career right from the start. Ask yourself what is the job going to do to help the state of the planet and its inhabitants, etc ?  
There are excellent tools on : If you are looking for a "career that makes a difference", go ahead ! 
Do you accept to be contacted directly by student and graduate Alumni ? 

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