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Jean-François MONFRAIX (TBS 2002) - Portrait of an entrepreneur !

08 July 2021 Portraits / Podcasts

Gourmet as well as a taste for food, inquisitive and epicurean, dedicated to satisfying others pleasures..


My name is Jean-François MONFRAIX. I passed my degree in 2002. 

After I had started a business without suitable training, Cynégéthic Consultants in Paris in 1991, it didn't take me long to realize that my managerial skills needed improvement if I was going to be successful.  So which school could be better than TBS to teach me how to forward plan and manage a business ?

Any souvenirs from your year ? 

Friday mornings wearing "dark glasses and hangovers" after La Cave. Finanancial analysis lectures were particularly hard work after that. 

And today ? 

Today, I am director of artofwines that I created in 2003. I am lucky enough to combine personal and professional interests. Previously, I had held several sales positions in Switzerland and Scandinavia within SMEs and large groups. This experience allowed me to refine the skills needed to develop my own project. 

What advice would you give to TBS Alumni ? 

Dare ! Believe in your dreams. Then destroy them in a pessimistic business plan and then build them back up from the ashes by holding on to the original idea while accepting to use improvements from your crash tests. If you sleep well, raise the funds to increase the pace of your growth. If not, allow yourself to grow gently and modestly. 

Did the Alumni network support you ? 

The Alumni network is a fantastic development lever, provided one knows how to take advantage of it, and give back. Alone, I go faster; together, we go further. 


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