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10 May 2021

Lucas GOURET-DESORMIERE (TBS 2023) - Perseverent, Motived, Entrepreneur already

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My friends describe me as a Businessman

My name is Lucas GOURET-DESORMIERE. I am 19 and I come from Paris 15th. I would like to share with TBS Alumni the company I created even before starting the Bachelor program at TBS!
Can you provide us with more details about your business ? 
4 or 5 years' ago, my father and I set up 360YourHouse, a company which specializes in virtual visits. 
The company got off to a great start as it specializes in an area which is little known and very innovative. My customers are always impressed with the level of technology I use. It is true that even I am astonished at the technological progress in this area. Virtual visits can be seen on all types of equipment (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Even VR masques can be used to increase the viewers experience during a virtual visit. 
On a daily basis, my company provides me with a huge range of management experience. In addition to many areas, I supervise an employee on a work-study contract. When you create your own business, you need some knowledge in all areas of entrepreneurship in order to grow. What I want to say is that it is an amazing experience because it works, and that's all the better !
What kind of support did you need, or do you need to develop ? Tell us about your past and present challenges ! 
That's a good question. I can tell you the story about something that got me into "deep water".
We signed a major deal with a customer who was very interested in the technology. Unfortunately, through lack of experience, I hadn't thought of drawing up a non-competitive clause into the contract and today that customer has a company and is our biggest competitor. It's proof that you need to pay attention to all details as the business world is ruthless! 
It is true that a helping hand to help develop my business would be great ! I would be delighted to receive any contacts that might be interested, in real estate, industrial sites, town halls, but also people who work in communication, restaurants, hotels, retirement homes, school management, etc. Our offer is huge so I would be happy for any contactes or introductions (and we reward anyone who gives us a lead that is converted). 
Tell alumni what you would like to do later on. How are you going about it ?
I would like to travel, do a world tour and take 3D images of landscapes in order to have a image base about the world's beauty. I would also like to help people in need. I am saving to do this, so I can live some incredible experiences. I also intend to manage a company that contributes to digitalization in general. I have lots of ideas ! 
Moreover, if you want to have a better appreciation of our 360YourHouse product, I recommend you look at the TBS Campus through new eyes, as we did a 3D scan of it recently : 
Bearing in mind that you have access to the TBS Alumni network, how would you like to the network to help you in your activity ? 
I would like to receive as many contacts as possible that are interested in this project ! Or I could do a live presentation about my service offer, which would be great too. 
What made you crack for TBS apart from the rankings ? 
Its reputation, its contacts, which can often be a great help. I was unable to join TBSeeds because my project was to far advanced.
Do you accept to put in contact with Alumni contacts that would like to know more ? 
Yes, with pleasure ! 

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