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Manon GENET (TBS 2014) - French Champion in Triathlon

23 June 2021 Portraits / Podcasts

"It all begins with a dream !"


Sunday 6th June, after 4hours and 37 minutes of effort, Manon Genet became 2021 French Champion for long-distance triathlon. This challenge marked the return to competitions for many thriathletes as it was the first championship to be held after the health crisis restrictions. 

The weather was mild for the TriGames held in Cagnes-sur-Mer, which is a major competition in the Côte-d’Azur region and was the supplier for the long distance Triathlon French Championships for the second year running.

Manon tells us about her passion, which is also her professional occupation : 

My objective has always been to make a professional career out of my passion 

"I started out in artistic gymnastics on the horizontal bars that I did intensively for 10 years in a sport-study program and gave me the skills to balance my sporting, social and professional life from a very early age.  

I worked hard and was keen to have a very good career in business so I joined the École Préparatoire Littéraire in Poitiers and then toulous Business School after passing the entrance exams. This is when I started training in triathlons. When I had passed my Master's degree, I took a position as Marketing Manager for a network of sporting magazines. I combined a full-time job with 15 hours training per week for two years, before deciding to cast of my life jacket and dedicate my time solely to ma career as a triathlete. 

I look at competition like it's a battle, not in hatred of my opponants but in love for the fight. No result has value if the investment isn't totally honest."

Today I have achieved my goal : I am a professional Triathlete 

"I swim, bike and run every day of the year. At the same time, I spend time planning targets, organizing how to reach them, negotiating with partners, communicating, doing my accounts and admin. 

This professional life entails specifically the need to develop and master one's physical and mental capabilities and learn to use them, push out one's limits, whatever the environmental conditions. 

When i started out in January 2017, my business plan meant that I must be capable of managing all aspects of my career. While I became a professional athlete, I also became an accountant, agent, community manager, lawyer, secretary, mechanic, massager. The only part I didn't have to manage myself was the training because I was accompanied by the same trainer I have had since I started triathlons, his name is Frédéric Lureau.

I figured that my team would grow over the years if my activity developed also, and through meeting the right people. My team is one of the most important aspects of my career and the one I pay the most attention to."


It all starts with a dream.

To turn this dream into reality, you have to study, analyze, budget, get the means, fix objectives and above all, make a plan.
A dream that comes with a plan is 50% of the work done. 
My idea is based on taking my very own path and to forge my career on my own image. 
It also involved constantly observing what others do and adapting my plan so that it fits entirely with my life style. 


To learn more about Manon and follow her, click on the picture below to access her website ⤵️



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