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Martine CHAILLET (TBS 1991) - Coach & Consultant in Leadership & Change Management

28 June 2021 Portraits / Podcasts

Passionate, curious about everything, a slight taste for adventure, I like to dare 

My name is Martine CHAILLET SEYMARC and I graduated in 1991.

I have been a certified coach for 18 years and I am a consultant for leadership and change management. I spent 5 years living in Asia where I co-founded a consultancy firm (in Thailand and Singapore). I recently came back to France and I continue to work in Europe and Asia within our French consulting firm, EArise Consulting.

My TBS years 

Why did you choose TBS for your further education ? 

In 1988, TBS was on a roll and the letter I received just before the results of the oral exams goes to proove it. It was a great introduction to the attitude of the school as it said "8821 candidates, but as far as we are concerned, you are unique! Or almost, at that time, each year had 160 students. In short, I was delighted to have been accepted in this great school. 

There were less courses to choose from compared to today. They included two years of core training, followed by the dilemma of the third year : go to Berlin (where it was possible to get a combined honours degree) or stay in Toulouse and specialize in mass market management with the flamboyant and brilliant Dwight Merunka (Professor at TBS). In the end, I decided to stay in Toulouse.

Any stories to share with us from your time at the school ? 

I was a member of Sup de Cross. We organized a 10 k run across the city. That year, I spent alot of time running to try out the courses. It was a great project that nearly ended in disaster.  

We were almost in the starting blocks... almost. However, the stop watches weren't ready. The Mayor gave the start signal too early and we had to run after the people who had already taken off... some of whom had even run several km already. Luckily, the atmosphere at the end of the race caused everyone to smile! 

What about today ?

I began my career in Lille in a marketing study company and then become international marketing manager for a company in the medical sector (radiology and interventional cardiology).  

18 years ago, I trained as a certified coach for individuals and teams and set up my own coaching and training consultancy called Révélésens.

Five years ago, we decided to live our dream and take our 4 children with us to live and work in Thailand. My husband and I set up as consultancy firm together (he is also from TBS) in Thailand and Singapore. 

I came back to France recently and I operate in Europe and Asia from within our French firm called  EArise Consulting. 

Would you like to share any advice with TBS Alumni ?

Whatever you do, be passionate about it. DARE to make your dreams come true. In order to do so, take good care of your environment : surround yourself with people who are positive about your project, people who support you (because there are many moments of doubt) and who can give you keys to success and help. Keep a good balance between your professional and personal life. Make an accurate assessment of the market, and above all, give it your all!

And while the Alumni network didn't support me directly, I am happy to provide help and support to those who need it.


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