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Maxime MÉDARD (TBS 21) - His future, his values, his desires

10 November 2021 Portraits / Podcasts

At 35 years of age, Maxime has not waited to hang up his boots to work on several rich and varied projects, just like him.


The experienced Stade Toulousain fullback could be playing the last season of his great career (5 Brennus and 3 European Cups).

Maxime, how are you actively preparing your post-growth career, which is getting closer and closer?

Five years ago, I invested in the Fiters company, which is a healthy sports solution. It includes former rugby players Jacques Boussuge and Louis Picamoles, who help lead a team with a very friendly rugby spirit. It is about prevention through physical activity with coaches to limit the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, etc. We target both individuals and companies. With my network or my ideas, I try to develop this structure. Through this, I have put my foot down in entrepreneurship. My encounters have given me a taste for this world that will follow the career of a top-level sportsman. I learn a lot of things, which is quite stimulating and exciting.


Did you then try to take advantage of your fame to expand your network?

Yes, some of the brands and sponsors that were following me during my career decided not to continue because I was at the end of my career. However, I started to look for partners who could match me. That's how I discovered Foliz Kombucha.


What is it about?

In 2021, I met the Toulouse-based company Performe, which specialises in spirulina, which is produced near Perpignan. I suggested that they join forces with Foliz Kombucha to create a more sporty drink, effective for recovery and based on natural products. This is how Le Sportif was created and is sold in several outlets. But that's just a participation on my part.


You are also active in cosmetics...

This summer, I had the chance to meet the #Bonheur company, which is in cosmetics. It's really a holistic experience with in & out rituals like creams for the outside and micro-biotics for the inside, not to mention a spray for the emotions.


Are you also involved in a recent entrepreneurial venture?

Cyclo Power Factory is a company that recovers energy from the movement of a home trainer. By plugging your bike into a base station, it recovers the energy produced before feeding it back into your home.

Have you felt the need to adjust your level of education to your professional desires?

Last season, in partnership with Provale and the Toulouse Business School, I was able to increase my skills in managing a company with the Business Unit Manager diploma.


You are also involved in an association with Premiers de cordée?

This is a superb association that helps children in hospitals to discover or do sport, with mental and physical benefits. The aim is to make them forget the illness.


There seems to be a guideline between your different projects and actions...

My goal was never to open a restaurant or an insurance agency. I don't think I'll ever be a trainer, but maybe a speaker. In any case, in everything I do, it has to be like me, it has to fit in with my lifestyle and it has to make sense. The common thread is well-being and also the search for renewable energy by being an actor in changing lifestyles. It's about feeding my ecosystem or making it grow. I have always been a sportsman who takes care of himself and others. I will remain so afterwards. The sensations felt by a top athlete are incomparable but before hanging up, I try to create a full schedule that I am passionate about.


Article published in Rugbyrama and written by Jean-Marie Llense




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