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Rolf PFEIFFER (TBS 1994) - Portrait of a Toulouse Ambassador

26 July 2021 Portraits / Podcasts

A professional career observed in the wing mirror shows a very different story to one observed through the windscreen 

Why did you choose TBS for your studies ? Tell us about your time as a student at TBS ! 

When I was a student at Technische Universität in Berlin in 1991, I found out about the combined honours degree opportunity with what used to be called ESC Toulouse. It was an easy decision to make because at the time I was looking for additional university studies in a foreign language.
I arrived in Toulouse at the end of March, 1993, with 9 other students from Technische Universität. We followed the second part of the second year course and the entire third year, including the end of year traineeship. I found a placement with the international department of Gaz de France in Paris.
Do you have any stories to share with us ?

There are loads but I'd like to highlight three : the Dordogne Raid organized in April 1993, which gave us the chance to discover a beautiful region north of Toulouse on mountain bikes, canoes and orientation only a few weeks after our arrival in Toulouse; dinners organized with our peers in our flat, rue de Bourrassol; and the Corrida de la Saint-Jean in the streets of Toulouse.
What are you doing today and how did you get to this stage in your professional life ?

I am managing partner in a consultancy for developing leaders based in Frankfurt and we are part of a international group that includes over one hundred mentor executives from San Francisco to Sydney. I have been in the area of Executive Development since 2006, having founded an European consultancy with two other colleagues to include 30 executive coaches. Together with my colleagues, I have been supporting leaders and management teams for over 15 years and in a large number of sectors (advanced technology, pharmaceutical, strategic, as well as major law firms, banks, insurance companes etc.).
From 2008 to 2019, I also worked at the Center for Creative Leadership, which meant I worked with over 1000 high-level managers and company leaders to provide 360° feedback. Between 1994 and 2006, I spent several years as an internal consultant for Parfums Givenchy (LVMH), plus HR director (Germanic Europe) for Arthur D. Little and Accenture, and then as Chief Restructuring Officer for CSL, an Australian biotech group which, at the time, had just taken over a sector of Aventis with a turnover of 700M €, just before Sanofi took over Aventis. 
In addition to my professional life and ever since I started working, I have been an Ambassadeur of Toulouse. In addition, I am part of the first ever edition of 24/7 by the Agence d'Attractivité.
What advice would you give to Alumni, students and graduates alike, who might be tempted to follow your career path ? 

It is important to like your professional activity and have a clear idea about your professional mission (which wouldn' be too far from your personal ambitions in an ideal world). Stay inquisitive! When we change our perspectives, that's when we can learn a great deal, and it's even better if you can rely on a strong, personal and professional network. 
Has our Alumni network supported you ? 

Yes, because I have located some of the graduates from my year. Our communications have mostly consisted of "surprise conversations" between closer and more distant contacts. They have all had an influence and given me new ideas. 
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