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10 September 2020

TBS Global Week : the global digital event

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When TBS Alumni and the TBS Foundation unite to organize a global digital event putting the talents of our alumni at its heart...

In this tumultuous period, TBS Alumni has concocted for our alumni students and graduates an original, digital, interactive and global week, for which we have great ambitions, and which would benefit from the support of all of you! 


TBS Global Week : from Saturday 26th September to Sunday 4th October


This digital week is entirely managed by Co-Creation Lab, a company founded and directed by Julien Condamines (TBS 2006), a regular host of TBS Alumni Volunteer seminars. 

Thus, our alumni will dance to the rhythm of a week of digital encounters without borders: conferences, workshops and panels highlighting the treasures of TBS from around the world, the most brilliant and inspiring alumni of our network!



It will also be a highlight to help the Foundation in an unprecedented fundraising, intended to finance the Solidarity Bursaries, as well as a fantastic opportunity to showcase TBS's values and innovative positioning among its most fervent ambassadors.


Convinced? You just need to :

  • Note the week in your diary
  • Participate as much as you can in the proposed meetings 
  • Relay all communications from TBS Alumni concerning TBS Global Week to students and learners, to your alumni friends, to all your networks...


Together we will make this TBS Global Week an unforgettable event!

Go to the TBS Global Week website


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